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Formed in 1953, the Senior Citizens Association became a chartered branch in 1958 and has followed the provincial charter since. Over the years, the branch was located in different areas of the Powell River region. Through a resilient & resourceful administration, the Senior Citizens Association is now located at:

Cranberry Seniors Centre, 6792 Cranberry St, Powell River, BC, V8A 3Z4.

Tel: 604 414 9456

Currently, the centre is home to 361 members. The association offers a weekly activities schedule, monthly meetings, events, a Seniors One Stop resource centre, a genealogy centre, computer assistance and a meeting space for different community groups.

The Senior Citizens Association actively recruits new members and welcomes their new ideas, positive energy and volunteer contributions. Branch 49 is focused on maintaining a dynamic, diversified and active environment for the enjoyment and well-being of all the senior citizens of Powell River.

Branch 49 is always looking for the skills and expertise of volunteers. Membership is open to anyone with over 50 years life experience.

Annual membership: $25

Fun & friendship: priceless!

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