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Formed in 1953, the Senior Citizens Association became a chartered branch in 1958 and has followed the provincial charter since. Over the years, the branch was located in different areas of the Powell River region. Through a resilient & resourceful administration, the Senior Citizens Association is now located at:

The Seniors Centre, 6792 Cranberry St, Powell River, BC, V8A 3Z4.

Tel: 604 414 9456

Currently, the centre is home to over 300 members. The association offers a weekly activities schedule, monthly meetings, events, a Seniors One Stop resource centre, a genealogy centre, computer assistance and a meeting space for different community groups.

The Senior Citizens Association actively recruits new members and welcomes their new ideas, positive energy and volunteer contributions. Branch 49 is focused on maintaining a dynamic, diversified and active environment for the enjoyment and well-being of all the senior citizens of Powell River.

Branch 49 is always looking for the skills and expertise of volunteers. Membership is open to anyone.

Annual membership: $30

July - December membership: $15

Fun & friendship: priceless!

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